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     Zhejiang Hong Sen decorative materials Co., Ltd. (formerly Hangzhou parson wood industry) was founded in 2004, is a professional production and sales of melamine decorative panels, multilayer board, particleboard and medium board enterprises. Located in Beijiao, Hangzhou, Deqing County Qian Yuan Industrial Zone, adjacent to the long deep highway, the location is superior, and the traffic conditions are convenient. The company is equipped with a standard factory, automatic continuous pressure production line, experienced staff, is a stable quality, strong comprehensive strength of the plate processing and sales enterprises. Entering the twenty-first Century, building materials are stepping towards the era of environmental protection and brand. The company chooses to own high quality Diefenbach continuous flat pressure equipment, rich resources and stable quality plate suppliers, the high quality raw paper manufacturers such as Xia Wang, TINO color, Xia te and dragon, producing high quality and catering to the market demand. We adhere to the concept of "mutual benefit and mutual benefit, to be honest and win the market", strictly control the quality of products, and adhere to provide customers with first-class products and first-class service.
  With its good brand image, excellent product quality and solid service ability, Hong Sen continues to develop and expand the company's area of 18666m, with a standard workshop of more than 10000 m, and a registered capital of 8 million yuan. Since its establishment, the company has been repeatedly named "the national quality stability and reputation guarantee enterprise", "Zhejiang provincial furniture industry provincial excellent enterprises", "Hangzhou furniture industry excellent suppliers" and so on. At the same time, in the industry also actively participated in the activities of the association, and served as the "China Furniture Association kitchen furniture Specialized Committee group members", "Zhejiang Furniture Industry Association kitchen furniture Specialized Committee committee", "Hangzhou Furniture Chamber of Commerce Council members" and so on.
   In the changeable and competitive market environment, the deep ploughing industry has been focusing on one thing for more than ten years. Take the lead industry as the development goal, take the customer satisfaction as the highest standard, develop with the customers, and make progress with the society.